Mission & Vision

What is a Kaharoa Learner?

School Vision and Values

“A school’s vision briefly describes the future the school community sees for itself and what students will be like when they are confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. Our shared vision is a brief statement that gives us a clear picture of what Kaharoa students are expected to be like. It keeps our school and the efforts of our staff, students and parent community on target.

Our motto is: “OUR BEST ALWAYS”

Kaharoa School: Learning, Values, Community

A Kaharoa Learner is:

Competency / ‘Kids Speak’ / Definition
A Thinker / ‘Stop, Think…Do’ / Curious, Creative, Critical & Caring
A Communicator / ‘Give & Receive’ / Literate, Numerate & an Effective Listener
A Self-Manager/ ‘Manage Me’ / Adaptable, Organised, Balanced & Goal Focused
A Can Do Kid / ‘Give it a Go’ / Motivated. A Risk taker, a Participator & Enterprising
Friendly / ‘Team Player’ / Kind & Caring, Respectful & Cooperative

Can Do (Give it a go)
A Kaharoa Learner ‘Can Do’. They take risks, participate and contribute. They are ready, willing and able to give new things a go. To achieve this, a Kaharoa Learner is an important contributor to Kaharoa School life. They have a sense of belonging and actively involve themselves in school, local and wider communities. They contribute to the quality and sustainability of social, physical and economic environments.

Thinker (Stop, Think.. Do)
A Kaharoa Learner is curious. They are creative, critical, caring and reflective thinkers. To achieve this a Kaharoa Learner uses these thinking skills to seek, understand, use and create knowledge. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, are open-minded and reflect on their learning. They use a range of thinking tools to make decisions and solve problems. Their resulting actions show that they care about themselves, others and the sustainability of their environment.

Self Manager Manage Me
A Kaharoa Learner has the ability to set goals, make plans and evaluate their progress. To achieve this, a Kaharoa Learner is self motivated, organised, can manage distractions, and shows perseverance. They have strategies for meeting challenges, recognise their strengths and weaknesses and are resilient to difficulties they may face. They understand that making mistakes is an important part of the learning journey. They can recognise when to lead or follow, and when and how to act independently. A Kaharoa Learner gains satisfaction from knowing they have carried out the task to the best of their ability.

Friendly ( Team Player)
A Kaharoa Learner is friendly. They can relate to a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts. To achieve this, a Kaharoa Learner is inclusive; a team player who listens, is open to different points of view and is willing to negotiate and share ideas. They show empathy and are polite. They are aware of how their words and actions affect others and interact appropriately. They know when to compete and when to co-operate; how to respond when winning or losing.

Communicator ( Give and Receive)
A Kaharoa Learner can confidently and clearly communicate, interpret and respond to messages. To achieve this a Kaharoa Learner has gained an early understanding, and application of literacy and numeracy. They use language, symbols and texts to work with and make meaning of knowledge expressed in a variety of written, spoken and visual ways, appropriate to the audience and purpose. This provides the foundation for conveying and receiving information. They can justify and evaluate the techniques used to convey the intended message. They are confident users of ICT and are able to adapt to the changing complexities of communication in our world.

The Principles of The New Zealand Curriculum are pictorially represented by the canopy of trees in a forest. These principles encompass our decision making and are evident in all aspects in the delivery of our school’s curriculum. The principles are:

  • High Expectations
  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Learning to Learn
  • Community Engagement
  • Coherence
  • Future Focus

Our commitment is to these principles and our success at putting them into practice in teaching and learning is paramount.

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