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Term Four • 2022

Looking Ahead to 2023…

It’s that time of year where our staff are in two frames - one busily working on finishing off the year well, and the other looking ahead to 2023. One of our current considerations for 2023 is event planning. Kaharoa School has come to enjoy a wide range of events and activities for students and the community. We are moving into a phase of re-focusing on strong classroom learning programmes as we seek the best possible educational outcomes for students. We will also have 60% of our teaching staff recently having started at the school. Teachers transitioning to a new school require a few years of transformation before staff are able to add further ‘layers’ such as running clubs, events, and further opportunities for students [Read More...]

Principal - Lynden Cook
B.O.T. Chairperson - Sarah Paterson
Kaharoa Road RD, RD6 Rotorua 3096
t: (07) 332 3444
e: office@kaharoa.school.nz


Latest news from our PTA

posted: Tue, November 22, 2022

Please find below the latest newsletter from our PTA (23 November). Please have a browse through to see current and upcoming events and fundraising initiatives to see what’s on offer and if you are able to help.

File Download: Issue_14.pdf

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Kaharoa Kokako Trust News

posted: Wed, August 17, 2022

KKT’s have shared their latest newsletter with us which will bring you up to date on some of their activities:

File Download: KKT_Newsletter_Aug_2022.pdf

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Pest Control Operation in Kaharoa Conservation Area & HELP NEEDED for Workday - 6 August

posted: Wed, August 03, 2022

Kaharoa Kokako Trust is undertaking pest control in the Kaharoa conservation area using pindone and targeting ship rats. This year bait will be laid twice - in August and December. Warning signs will be up and it is safe to use the forest but any scavenging dogs may be at some risk of secondary poisoning if they are allowed to eat dead animals. Please see their summary of the upcoming Kaharoa Kokako Trust pest control operation for 2022, below. KKT are also asking for helpers to lay the bait this Saturday, 6 August 9am. Please find following details about the workday from Graeme Young:

File Download: Supporting_Documentation.pdf

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Wallaby control operation in Kaharoa/Okere

posted: Thu, June 23, 2022

Please find below a letter advising of an upcoming wallaby poisoning operation that will be undertaken shortly to eradicate wallaby from an area on the northern side of Lake Rotorua.

File Download: Waerenga_Wallaby_Poisoning_letter_2022_1.docx

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Ka Pai Kai - Healthy School Lunches

posted: Wed, June 22, 2022

Ordering delicious, wholesome lunches for your child is easy… Ka Pai Kai Rotorua delivers lunches to us on a Thursday and you can order and pay online!

File Download: KAHAROA_JUNE_FLYER.pdf

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Yoga Classes with Jenny Lux

posted: Fri, April 22, 2022

Kia ora Yoga Students, Jenny Lux is back in term 2 and will offer another round of yoga classes on Monday evenings at 6.30pm, starting 02 May 2022 on Monday.

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Kowhai’s Ruru Boxes

posted: Mon, November 29, 2021

This year Room Kowhai made ruru boxes to help protect and house our native owl from predators. We would like to thank the Batchelor family for their kind donation of timber to build these and also Mr Alex Hartley for helping the students in Room Kowhai build them.

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Thank you Bunnings!

posted: Thu, November 11, 2021

A big THANK YOU to Bunnings Rotorua for their donation of 50 bags of potting mix! This will be used to fill our vegetable gardens.

File Download: Bunnings.pdf

Kaharoa kids learning some first aid…

posted: Thu, November 11, 2021

Annette from St Johns visited school this week. She dropped into each class and ran an age-based first aid session. Here is a note and some photos from Room Matai about their visit from Annette.

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Room Rata’s Learning about Flight

posted: Tue, July 06, 2021

Last Thursday, Room Rata spent the day at the Classic Flyers Aviation Museum in Mount Maunganui. It was an awesome experience and allowed the children to see real life and replica planes that we have learnt about whilst studying Jean Batten. We had rides on a vintage fire engine, walked through a World War 2 Catalina and sat in the pilot seat of a Victa Airtourer T-3A! If you’re ever in Mount Maunganui with some spare time, check it out!

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Room Miro’s Catfishing Adventures

posted: Tue, July 06, 2021

Room Miro has been offered a wonderful opportunity to take part in some volunteer work to monitor and reduce numbers of Catfish in our lakes.

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Inter-School Cross Country Champs

posted: Mon, July 05, 2021

Congratulations to all our competitors on your wonderful achievement and we hope you enjoyed participating in the competition! Special mention to Rome Beazley who came 1st in the 9 year old boys, fantastic job Rome! If you would like to see him cross the line in first place, please see our Facebook page for the video. See below for some photos of our competitors.

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Lakes DHB - Community Oral Health Service

posted: Fri, July 02, 2021

Our Community Oral Health Service will be visiting school next week to provide flouride treatment to those children who are enrolled and whose parents/caregivers have indicated their consent. Recent communications from the service has advised that they are going through a challenging time with an increase in patients needing to be seen following the COVID lockdown. This situation will result in delays in visits to some schools in the area however, all schools will be visited. If your child needs attention at any time, an appointment can be requested at any of the fixed or mobile clinics that best suit you by phoning 0800 525 378, text 027 578 0275 or email teeth@lakesdhb.govt.nz.

Period Products

posted: Wed, June 23, 2021

Kaharoa School has signed up to receive period products from the Ministry of Education. These will be made available to our students who require them, free of charge. For more details please see the attached information sheet.

File Download: Period_Products_in_Schools_MOE.pdf

Mobile Phone Recycling

posted: Wed, May 26, 2021

If you have any unwanted mobile phones, please bring them to school and drop them in the collection box in the office for recycling. Phones collected help reduce waste sent to landfills, save valuable materials and energy and help look after New Zealand’s waterways. Did you know that after rainfall 69% of New Zealand’s rivers are deemed unsafe for swimming due to contamination? with statistics like this The Mobile Phone Appeal is excited to partner with Sustainable Coastlines as the chosen beneficiary for the appeal.

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